Once you install or setup your Operating System the next step is to install your favorite software’s or drivers so that your system can work properly and you can do your work easily.

But installing these software’s is not an easy task as you have to agree with their licenses, waiting to be finished and then launching next one and so on.

Silent Install Helper is a third-party app which take care of this problem, it allows you to add software’s to it and then it will install them automatically with their default settings.


It supports wide range of files like Microsoft, Zip, RAR, Nullsoft, Ghost Install Wizard and so on, if the one software which you had added is not supported then it will list such files as “Nothing found”.

Importing software to this app is very simple, either you can import them one by one or you can also add whole folder. Once you had imported software’s to it just click on Start button to get started. You can save your list so that you can install same in future or in any any other computer.

Most of the software don’t have any problem with silent installer but some may cause problem and don’t let any app to control them, Silent Install Helper allows you to either skip them or by default it forces execution them.

Conclusion :- Silent Install Helper seems to be quite impressive app which install your software’s automatically and save your time and energy. But at the same time you have to beware that it will also install adware’s and toolbars which comes with many freeware.



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