Microsoft has just announced one of the most demanding feature on Outlook.Com, formerly known as Hotmail, the Save To OneDrive feature, with this feature you can save your email attachments to your OneDrive storage with just one click. Similar feature is already available on Gmail where users are able to save email attachments received by them on their Google Drive account with just one click and now Microsoft has rolled out this feature as well.

Outlook Save To OneDrive

This new feature comes very handy in many situations like if you want to sync that file across your all devices, you feel like you want that file sometime latter but that email is not worth to store on your account and some more. All saved attachments will be saved in an Email Attachments folder.

Save To OneDrive option will be present just below the attachment, if you had received multiple attachments then you will see Save All To OneDrive, but if you just want to save a particular attachment then click on that attachment and then select save option from context menu to save it on OneDrive.

You still has option to download your attachments in the form of zip files, like you previously do, and your attachments will be available on your local disk.

At first sight some of you might not see this option as useful but over the time it do become very useful and will increase productivity and save time and effort quite a bit.

Microsoft has started rolling out this feature and if you are not getting this option in your account then dont worry you will have this option in coming weeks.


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