No doubt in this world internet we need a good anti virus software which can protect us from cyber threats which can be found everywhere on internet. Today we had got Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 for review, let check out what it has got.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 has got all features which a good anti virus needs to have, it has got real time protection, two scan engines, a behavior-based detection component, start up tuner and so much.

The product uses two scan engines to carry out its functions, both were licensed. One of them is from Emsisoft and the other from Bitdefender.


After installation of Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 when you launch it you will find out that its interface is very clean with four tabs on its screen very similar to Windows 8 metro style.


  • Analyse
  • Signature Update
  • Quarantine
  • Tools

Analyse :-

Under this section you will find out malware removal tools like :-

Full system scan: Here you can scan you full system for any kind of malwares or threat.

Quick Scan: Here you can scan a particular area

Removable drives: Scans external media such as USB drives.

User-defined: Select the folders to scan and system areas which you want scan.

Signature Update:

Here when you click, it will start updating your signatures to the latest one.




Here you can see the list of all detected infections, you can either take action to delete them you allow them to perform action on your machine.


Inside tools you will get lots of tools which makes you life easy and secure, lets take on each tool one by one :-

File Wiper :-

As its name indicates, this tool allows you to wipe files or folders from your machine without any way to retrieve them back. As you may know that when you delete a file from your computer it can be retrieve but this tool remove all possibilities to get them back.

ADS Scanner:
ADS stands for Alternate Data Streams, This show all ADS streams on your NTFS formatted drives.

Internet Cleaner:

This is simply a fast and simple browser history cleaner. It takes less than a minute to scan our browsers cookies, cache history and other object. It supports all major browsers.


StartUp Tuner:-

As we know that when we install app on our machine they create a startup entries which makes our systems startup slow, Using this tool you can disable those app which you don’t want to load at startup and make your system start faster.


LSP Viewer:
Layered Service Provider means LSP, which is a feature of the Microsoft Windows Winsock 2 Service Provider Interface. Ashampoo Anti-Virus shows the list of available LSPs installed in your Windows.

Host File Checker:
As you know host file is an important file on your Windows OS so that internet can work properly,Host File Checker shows host files in the system. You can replace the file by clicking on Replace with original file.

Related :-

Our Test :-

In our test against malwares, Ashampoo Anti Virus 2014 managed to score 9+ score which is very good, but sometime in our test this Anti virus has crashed. Sometime it has detected apps which are not harmful in any kind.

Final verdict :-

Ashampoo Anti Virus 2014 is a nice anti virus with nice detection rating and clean interface. Price of this tool is also very affordable. But there are some areas where developers needs to work.


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