In recent time, we have seen a big boom in online shopping in India, nowadays almost everything is available online like mobiles, cloths, shoes and all but still the number of people who wish if they can get things from local shops around them and still get those heavy discounts which online shopping portals are providing over products is in good number, because they have some kind of trust on those local seller with whom they are purchasing products from long time.

Zopper Home

If you too looking for such service then you should give a try too Zopper, its a pretty old app which is there on mobile platform, but recently they have launched a revamped android app which has now more features.

When you install and launch this app for first time, it will ask you to select your location and city, we wished this could have been done automatically but our bad luck and here we have to go through two extra steps, anyways after this you need to either login or signup for account and then you have to verify your mobile number via an OTP, in our case we received OTP very late, so we skipped signup process.

After this everything seems smooth and simple, on first screen you will see some trending products, you can navigate through this or you can always select products from categories, Zopper has categories like Mobile And Tablets, Kitchen Appliances, Home Appliances, TV & Video Player, Computer Accessories and Personal care.

Zopper Features

To test we decided to order an External Hard Disk, when we checked Hard Drive section, here we were able to browse hard disk but price of all were not there and we have to put request for this, however we received price in just 10 minutes but why it was not there?

For most of things price were available and in our test some of the prices were lower then  most of the online shopping portals which we liked here, and to make price more lower you can exchange your old product with seller, yes just like you do when you visit shops.

Another thing which we liked here is that once you place your order you can call or contact seller. The product which we received was genuine and we must say our product was delivered within 24 hours which is quite good.

You always have option to pay when you receive your product, which means no need to worry about online payments as well.

You can always invite your friends on this app and when you do this, you will getup to Rs. 600 and your friend will get Rs. 300 as well, so its win win for both of you.

So basically Zopper allows you to do from you trusted local seller on the go via a simple app.

What we liked on Zopper :-

  • Simple UI
  • Exchange product to avail discount
  • Discounted price
  • Local and trusted seller
  • Products are genuine
  • Free home delivery
  • Earn by referring
  • Good number of seller are available

What we didn’t liked here :-

  • App needs some improvements
  • Only available in just 10-12 cities across India
  • Only available for Android, no iOS or Windows Phone as of now
  • Price of some products were not available, and you have to make request
  • Many products were out of stocks but still listed there
  • No way to track seller location


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