After going through hard phases, last year Nokia sold its mobile business to software giant, Microsoft and then within few months, Microsoft fully acquired mobile business of the Nokia, at that time it was thought that its the end of Finnish company who once ruled the mobile industry with its mobile devices. But now it seems we might soon see a new smartphone under Nokia branding, and if we believe on some reports than we might see Nokia phone next year.


According to the reports, Nokia Technologies, one of three units which Nokia still have, is working on a new project which could help company to re-enter into mobile smartphone business, and as per report Nokia will not only return to mobile business but also make entry to virtual reality kit.

Last year when Microsoft acquired Nokia, software giant is not allowed to use Nokia brand name in smartphone business after Q4 2016, and Nokia is also not allowed to enter smartphone market before that, however this isnt the case with tablet, and Nokia has launched N1 tablet couple of months back.

Reports states that the team which worked on Nokia N1 tablet is also working on smartphone, but this time company is not going to invest in manufacturing, but only design product and let other manufacturer it and will provide license to sell it under Nokia brand name.

Its also said that company is also working on virtual reality kit, to take on Samsung, HTC, and LG, however details of this is not available as of now.


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