Opera team has released the second beta version of Opera 10.50 for windows users.This beta version fixes many bugs which were found in the last beta version. This beta version Fixes these main things:-

  • Image context menu items being greyed out
  • Title bar flickering when resizing on WinXP
  • Several issues regarding bookmark manipulation
  • An issue that occurred while Opera Turbo is running
  • An issue when duplicating tabs using mouse gestures
  • Current images mode not being inherited when opening links in a new tab
  • New tab gesture opening a blank page without focus in the address bar instead of in Speed Dial
  • Pasted bookmarks being stored in the wrong location
  • Page zoom menu not being keyboard accessible
  • Web fonts with a specified format not working
  • Full name of dictionaries not being shown
  • An issue when deleting many bookmarks freezes Opera
  • Import/Export only supporting the old .adr bookmark format and not the new .ini format
  • Trash name not being displayed if the name is absent in the bookmarks file
  • After importing bookmarks from Internet Explorer, the dialog cannot be opened again
  • Opera creating both a bookmarks.adr and a bookmarks.ini file on first start
  • The order of personal bar items not being remembered between sessions
  • Opening a new window opens a ghost window
  • Auto-hiding of the Windows taskbar is obscured by the Opera window ETC

Please use it only on properly backed up computers. You may use following link to download :-


Download (Classic – En)

Releasing Notes


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