Many times while typing we hit wrong button and wish it can be replaced by our favorite one so that we can type much faster and easily, for this purpose you can do remapping of your keyboard.

But remapping requires you to understand the registries and editing them which is not an easy task in any case, but SharpKeys is a freeware app which lets you edit your registry and remap your keyboard as per your convenience.


Once you install this freeware app and launch it you will see a blank window, you can add your mapping. To add you have to click on Add button and then choose a key to remap or you can even choose “Type Key” and then type key to remap it.

Once you are done with remapping click on Write to Registry to save those remapping to your computer. You can edit or delete your remapping keys anytime.

Final Word :-

SharpKeys is a nice and very useful freeware which lets you modify and personalize your keyboard so that you can type faster and work more easily.

Note :- This application edits your registries which is not advisable, so before using this app please make a system restore point.


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