Finally, after months of rumors and leaks Reliance Jio has announced a feature phone which comes with LTE and VoLTE feature. Today at 40th Annual General Meeting, Mukesh Ambani has made a couple of announcements and one of the major announcement was the launch of its much-awaited 4G feature phone, the JioPhone which company was planning from a long time and finally made it public.

JioPhone Announcement

This 4G and LTE feature phone come with 2.4-inch QVGA, it supports 22 Indian languages and it can respond to the voice commands for making calls, sending SMS, playing music and so on, not only this, JioPhone also supports SD card for memory expansion.

The JioPhone will be available for Rs. 0, yes it will be available for free, however, to stop any kind of misuse, you have to deposit Rs. 1500 which will be refundable after three years.

Mukesh Ambani said “On the Jio phone voice will always be free, second, the 50 crore feature phone users don’t even have access to the basic internet. I believe today every young Indian should have access to information at his fingertips and that is what the Jio phone enables. To enable a digital life all need access to data at affordable rates. So starting August 15 this year I am declaring digital freedom for all feature phone users. Jio will give them access to unlimited data on the Jio phone.”

JioPhone Features

JioPhone comes integrated with some of the Jio app like Jio Music, Jio TV and JIo Cinema, it also supports NFC payments which can be made via Jio Money.

JioPhone users can watch contents from Jio TV apps on their TVs, and it can be done on almost every TV, the company will provide proprietary cable for this.


The unlimited data and voice will be free for users at the price of Rs. 153/month, and if you want to watch contents on your TV as well then you can do this with a Rs. 309/month plan.

Price & Availability

As said earlier, JioPhone will be available for a security deposit of Rs. 1500 which will be refunded after three years, pre-booking of the phone can be done from the app or a retailer, from 24th August and the phone will available from September.


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