Our reliable source @Eveleaks has posted a set of images of his Twitter account of Motorola, but this time Eveleaks hasn’t posted any render images but posted real images of device.

As per image this device is running of US AT&T which could indicates that it might hit AT&T store first. In image we could see that phone not only had Motorola logo but also feature Moto Care app which is Motorola exclusive app.

In one of the above image showcase Google Play in which we can see Android virtual keyboard and missing Motorola custom keyboard. We had already shared leaked images of alleged Motorola X-Phone earlier.

This phone is supposed to be running on Android 4.3 as Google will not launch Android 5.0 any time soon. At back of phone we could a camera with Led flash and back is very similar to Droid Razr but it could be just a case.


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