Many times our Windows might get crashed and it not work properly as expected, in that case you have to fix it with some solutions as per the problem but if your solutions are not working and you are not able to work properly even after applying solutions then last thing you could do is Re-Install your Windows copy.

Re-Installing Windows copy might cause you to lose all your installed apps and files, Once you re-install your Windows then you have to again install all your apps again.

But this is no more, RecImg Manager is an freeware tool for Windows 8 machines, it allows you to make a back-up of all your Windows 8 software’s and then restore it without much hassle. It can work on any Intel based computer.

As this app is created by keeping Windows 8 in mind so its interface is too based on Windows 8 tiles, when you launch it you will 2 options, Make Backup or Restore from Backup.


If you select to create backup then it will ask of which drive backup you wanna create and wher to put that back, it will create backup within in few second.


You can update any available backup without recreating full backup again, If you wanna restore from backup which you had already created then just select Restore from Main Screen and then it show all available backups to you.


You can make schedules so that it can automatically make backups of your system regularly and you don’t need to do anything.



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