Savera Marketing does not require any introduction in the field of distribution market in India. They are one of the top IT distributors in the country and they are working with some of the key players in the market like Asus, Canon, Rapoo, Lenovo, Toshiba and much more. Recently we got a chance to catch Mr. Gopal Pansari, Director at Savera Marketing and we tried to find out about the company and what he thinks of the market.


#1 Where do you see Savera Marketing Company in a couple of years?

We are number one in East and well-known in West. We are growing fast in North and South markets also. We believe, in few years Savera is going to be the one of the preferred distribution house in Indian market and will be leading in the channel business and other verticals too.

#2 What are Savera’s focus areas in India, in terms of the markets, industries and verticals that will help you maximize the company’s potential?

Savera is focusing largely on South Indian market and we are expanding our business in terms of new branches, new partner sign-ups and with more number of national and international brand associations. We are soon entering Surveillance, Telecom and Power verticals, which are the booming verticals in the recent time. We are also expanding our channels in North and South regions by adding more partners to our cluster.

#3 What were the marketing activities that were implemented to build the brand?

We have jointly participated in investing for offline and online Marketing activities. Keeping the Channel happy and move ahead with the online trend together to build the Brands in India will be focused more.

#4 What according to you is Savera marketing’s roadmap for India for the year 2016?

After the success of Savera in East market and West market, the direction for 2016 would be to have the business expansion in potential markets like North India and South India.

#5 What are the strong points of Savera Marketing products that give them an edge over the other competing forces in India?

Savera deals into IT segment which compiles both PC Components and all kind of Peripherals. We have mixed product basket to benefit channel partners and we are ‘One stop IT Shop’ for all IT products. Especially in the product line of EVGA we have scored

over the competition, as it is known to be the one of the premium brands in graphic cards.

#6 What kind of strategy have you planned to position Savera Marketing Product successfully in the market that would help the company in the long run?

Channel business is one of the core strength vertical for Savera. With rich experience in channel business and vast product portfolio of national and international brands, we cater and penetrate through channels of various industries.

“Right Product Mix and Right Partner Approach” is the overall strategy of Savera, which in-turn gives better business to channel as well as Savera.

7. How many channel partners do you have? Do you have any channel related initiatives to drive channel’s growth?

Currently we are associated with 5000+ partners across India. They are consistently associated with Savera and supported us. We ensure that, we will have seasonal channel enablers to motivate our channel partners to be in sync with Savera.

#8 Our Prime Minister has given a slogan ‘MAKE IN INDIA’, but recently many companies has started to talk about MAKE FOR INDIA, and says MAKE FOR INDIA is more important than MAKE IN INDIA, what are your views?

We support Make in India concept of our Prime Minister. Prospectively, government will be benefited by promoting R&D benefits for the organizations to innovate and come up with newer technologies. This demonstrates concrete actions to revive investment, increase growth and generate employment which will impact the industry.


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