Email is most common way to interact with people over the internet. many of you are having email account from years and you might have tons of email on it. On email you might have got videos, documents or photos too.

But if you are having lots of photos on email account and you wanna search for an particular photo then it will become difficult for you to search it as Email’s default search wont help you a lot.

Lost Photos is an freeware app for Windows and paid for Mac users. It allows you to search photos from your Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!, Mobile Me and Google Apps. All you need to do is download and install this app and launch it.

On launch it will ask your email address and password to fetch photos from it. You apply some filter for search like you can ask not to search for photos smaller than 8 KB, not search for GIF photos, and not search photos before a certain date.


Once you click on Find My Photos button it start fetching photos from your account and once its done it will show it photos in a nice interface, you can use slider to navigate from photos to other. It also has the option to vide photos in Windows Explorer.


You can also post photos on your Facebook or Twitter account or email them too.



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