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Did you recently purchased Apple’s iPad 1? If yes then you will be disappoint because Apple has released iPad 2 on the same price of iPad 1 and even they cut off $100 on the price of iPad 1.

Don’t disappoint we have a good news for you.Apple will refund $100 to its recent customers who spend their money on iPad 1.

According to Apple customer care Apple will refund $100 to the customers who purchased iPad 1 14 days back to the launch of iPad 2, they refuses to comment on any date but if I spend a little time in my math class then I can figure out it and date would be 16th Feb.

Apple says those who used their credit cards for the transaction will get $100 back to their account.

If you purchased it from Apple retail store then pick you receipt and head back to Apple’s store to get $100 back.

Source :- CNET


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