When Microsoft has released Windows 8 it comes with lots of enhancements and new features like new Metro UI, Start Screen, Task manager, Store and so on. Microsoft has also made changes in its Windows Explorer by introducing Ribbons in it.

But in all these changes Metro UI in Windows Explorer is missing but now here is Ease US FileManager which brings Metro UI File Manager to your Windows 8, it’s a free app available on Windows Store.


EaseUS FileManager is a software for Windows 8, with capability of easily managing your folders or files such as viewing, copying, etc.


Navigating within this app is quite easy and when you open this app you will see your Music, Videos and Picture folders, you can also set any folder as your Favorite so that in future you can easily access it.


You can also copy, move, cut, delete, or Rename any file very easily, you can also pin any folder to start screen so that you can directly access it.



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