Oxigen Wallet is India’s first Non Bank Mobile Wallet app, approved by RBI, which allows you to send and receive money through popular social channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, SMS and Email. Today Oxigen has announced that they have entered into a new strategic PayBack, a popular online service which lets you earn points on your every purchase and these points later can be redeemed for discounts.

Oxigen Wallet

Oxigen Wallet associates with PAYBACK, bringing a unique value merging loyalty and usage for the benefit of their users. The partnership with PAYBACK, allows Oxigen wallet customers to earn* and redeem PAYBACK points on Oxigen Wallet. The most powerful feature of this partnership is that customers who have earned PAYBACK points on any other platform can redeem them as cash into the wallet and use it for Oxigen’s service offerings, utility payments and online shopping.

Commenting on the association, Ankur Saxena, CEO of Oxigen Wallet said, “Our partnership with PAYBACK builds up inertia to load money into the wallet for transaction. Redeeming PAYBACK points and converting them into cash automatically eases that process and enhances customer value. As a wallet player, we are cautious about discounts and cash backs as it erodes our bottom line. In order to be a long term & stable player we want to focus on strategic tie ups that drive customer value and rewards in a manner that meets business objectives and the PAYBACK partnership is one such example,”.

Additionally, Rahul Rana, CEO & MD, PAYBACK (Loyalty Solutions and Research Private Limited) commented, “Our partners are mostly the forerunners of their sectors and we are proud to be associated with Oxigen Wallet. We are looking forward to a longstanding partnership as our focus coincides with each other, i.e. to maximize customer benefit”.


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