Many people who were working till last night and when they woke up this morning were shocked with news that Microsoft is going to acquire Nokia’s Devices & Services businesses for 5.44 billion Euros.


Microsoft will pay 3.79 billion Euro for Nokia’s Devices & Services businesses, and another 1.65 billion Euro for Nokia patents. This deal is supposed to be close in first quarter of 2014.

As per Microsoft deal is very good because now it can directly tackle with Google, who had acquired Motorola and launched Moto X and Apple who work on its own line of phone.

Microsoft is planning to capture 15% smartphone market till 2018 which will generate $ 45 Billions business.

Now What Left With Nokia?

After this acquisition Nokia is not dead, now Nokia will focus on two of its other business, Nokia Here (its location based service) and Nokia Siemens Networks (its network infrastructure).

Nokia HERE is mapping service which is a important part of Nokia’s smartphone like Lumia. Nokia is planning to continue development in this and will look to become leading mapping service provider which will offer this service across various platforms or Operating Systems.

NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks) is one of the world’s leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure which focuses on mobile broadband market.

On Nokia’s acquisition NSN CEO Rajeev Suri said :-

Today marks an important step for our parent company Nokia, and they have our full support.  For NSN, it is business as usual.  We remain focused on executing our strategy, completing our restructuring and delivering industry-leading innovation to our customers every day.


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