Consumer Electronic Show aka CES is just around the corner and every manufacture is giving a glimpse of what they will showcase is this mega event.

After launching world’s true Octa-Core processor, MediaTek is all set for CES and it seems that now this Taiwan based company is planning to go beyond budget smartphones.


MediaTek MT6290 is an LTE Release 9 Category 4 modem built on the 28nm process with a wireless baseband processor based on the Coresonic SIMT architecture. It will offer 150 Mbps downlink to devices, It will be fully compatible with MediaTek SOCs, including the new octa-core MT6592.

MediaTek’s big.LITTLE MT8135 processor which has two cortex A7 cores and two Cortex A15 cores will be shown at CES 2014. It has PowerVR Series 6 GPU which is of same generation which we can find on iPhone 5S.


MediaTek MT7621A is a new dual-core 11ac Wi-Fi router platform with various hardware acceleration features designed as a universal foundation for a range of applications. MT7621A serves as a getaway for Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint technology and its secure automated entry of user credentials for public wireless hotspots.

As we had told you sometime back that we are going to see lots of smartwatch’s in 2014 and MediaTek is also gearing up for this. MediaTek will introduce world’s smallest chipset, Aster and also provides also a comprehensive Application Framework, MRE (MediaTek Run-time Environment) that allows users to install and upgrade APPs.


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