Times Internet Limited is going to shut down its mail service from 18 February, After this date users wont be able to access their accounts any more. Indiatimes has suggested users to download their emails and attachments before this date.

On their site IndiaTimes has putted a banner saying :-

This is to inform that the Indiatimes.com Email Service will stop accepting new users from 19th November, 2012.

The Indiatimes.com Email Service (“Service”) will be discontinued and shall be permanently shut down with effect from 18th February, 2013 at 12 PM (Indian Standard Time).

You will no longer be able to send or receive mails or access your account for the purpose of reading mail and/or transfer any data (i.e. emails, tasks, documents, folders, appointments, and/or contacts) currently saved in your account post 18th February, 2013 – 12 P.M(Indian Standard Time). You are advised to immediately download all your emails/contacts/data from your Indiatimes mailbox via IMAP at the earliest.

You can continue to log in to all Times Internet Limited network sites using your Indiatimes.com email address.

India Times hasnt confirmed the reason behind closing its mail service which has been there from so many years. If you are having an account on Indiatimes mail then you can download your emails and attachments using any desktop email client.


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