Opera needs no introduction, they are making web browser from a very long period of time both for your desktop and for your smartphone’s, one of the talking point of Opera’s web browser for Android is that it compresses data which you send or receive while using internet on your device, and this compression results in reduction cost for users as now they are consuming less data and will pay less.

Opera Max 2017 Target

But one of the limitation here is that you need to use Opera browser, but Opera has launched Opera Max few times back which do the same job of compressing data but in wider ranges, it can compress data for your WhatsApp, YouTube and others without affecting your privacy.

As of today, 14 OEMs, including Acer, Cherry Mobile, Evercoss, Fly, Hisense, Mobiistar, Micromax, Oppo, Prestigio, Samsung, Symphony, Tecno, TWZ and Xiaomi, have embedded Opera’s data-management app, Opera Max, on their smartphones. With the new partnerships with Asian OEMs – Acer, Hisense and TWZ, Opera now expects more than 100 million Android phones to be shipped with integrated Opera Max by 2017.

Opera Max reduces data consumption across most apps on Android phones by as much as 50%, offering users more affordable mobile internet access. Users who are avid Instagram, YouTube or Netflix users can save up to 60% of the data usually spent on these apps without a noticeable loss of quality.

Sergey Lossev, Product Manager for Opera Max said “Many users are wary of using mobile data for fear of spending too much or exceeding their data caps. We see OEMs responding to this and stepping up to lower the barrier to mobile internet access by providing a data-optimization solution on their devices,”.


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