Teewe 2 (Review), a HDMI dongle media streaming device and a tough competitor for Google Chromecast which we had review earlier has updated their dongle to the latest version which brings several much awaited features to the board. At present Teewe 2 is one of the best media streaming device which you can get which not only allows you to stream media from your mobile devices, but you can also stream media from your laptop or desktop, read our full review to know more.

Teewe 2

As you know Teewe 2 allows you to stream local as well as YouTube videos from your smartphone to your TV, but with latest update, you will be able to create your own YouTube playlist which you can stream anytime on your TV.

Not only this company has also added some UI enhancement features like they had skipped that boring wallpaper which is shown to you, and now instead of that you can download theme which are based on Animal, India, Nature or Wonders Of Worlds and it will set as your background.

Teewe 2 New UI App

If you want more personalize look then you can also apply your own background image which you can select from your gallery, you can select up to 10 images which will be shown in loop.

Teewe 2 New UI

Apart from this company has also added some useful things like now you will be able to view latest news updated on your Teewe homepage and Weather information will also be shown to you, in our usage we found that it took a long time to lock our city coordinates while selecting weather information.

Another thing which we noticed is that now it now connects to our WiFi faster than earlier, which is really good thing.

What you think about these updates, do they add value to device and its service or you think they are not so useful features and you want something else, do comment below and let us know what you think in comment section below.


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