Couple of weeks back Lenovo has announced that going forward, Motorola will design, develop and manufacture its upcoming smartphone’s, and if we believe on a latest leak from @Upleaks then first Motorola design smartphone for Lenovo will be know as Lenovo Lemon X and we have its first press render image which also confirm that Motorola team is behind the design of this smartphone.

Lenovo Lemon X Leak

As you can see in image, this smartphone takes much of its design from recently launched Motorola smartphone, like it has super thin bezels around the display, it has metal strip at back which houses its camera, LED flash and possibly a finger print scanner as well.

Just like Motorola devices, it has antenna bands at top and at bottom, it comes in full metal body which do looks good, it has capacitive touch buttons, and branding at back also suggest it will have Dolby surround speakers.

Apart from this image we dont have any other information about specs and features of this upcoming device, but it looks like Lenovo will rely on Motorola for all design, and manufacturing work and will use its own brand name on it.

Update :- Leakster has taken down image from its twitter account, we will update you once we have another update to share.


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