Like any other Windows you can create a user and set password for him in Windows 8 too, this user is known as Local user as all details are stored locally in  your computer, but Windows 8 also allows you to login using your Microsoft account, this will enable you to sync all settings.

If you had installed Windows 8 RTM then set local user at installation and to automatically sync your settings you want to switch to Microsoft account or vice versa then here is the method :-

  • On your Start Screen click on user and then on Change Account Picture,


  • Now click on click on Users from left side and then click on Switch To Microsoft Account from right side,


  • Now it will ask your email address and then password, just provide it and you are done. When next time you will boot you will have to sign-in with your Microsoft account.

If you wanna switch back to local account then repeat the same process and instead of selecting Microsoft Account in 2nd step, just select Local Account.


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