Cloud System Booster is an nice tool which allows you to make most out of your pc, when we use pc for first time it run or work very faster but with usage its performance and speed goes down. This happen because when we bought pc it don’t had any programs or junk files but when we start using it we install programs, Windows or other programs create temporary files and so on.

You can increase your computer’s performance by cleaning those junk files from your computer, but deleting them manually will take a lot of time. Cloud System Booster is a nice tool which allows you to clean you computer and boost its performance.

When you install and launch this product you will find a big button saying Boost, just click on it and then it will search all your computer and find unnecessary files and then delete them.


If you are a tech geek then we will recommend you to switch to Expert section and take a view there and select which files you wanna delete and which not.


Cloud System Booster has 4 sections :-

  • Cleaner :- Like any other pc cleaning tool this one cleans your Cookies, Browser History, Registry, Windows History, Start Menu history and so on,
  • Optimizer :- It will disable some unnecessary startup items like net Meeting, error reporting service and so on,
  • Repair :- Here it will repair your broken registries, privacy setting, some common file extension.
  • Application :- This one is another cleaning tool but this time you has option of different apps like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Messenger, Networking, Drivers, Burning tool and so on.

Cloud System Boost is available in 2 variant, Free and Paid. If you get paid one then you will get :-

  • Mini Cute Mode :- Light & cute mode cleans up and optimizes PC slightly.
  • Automatically update:- Updates the latest cloud database and program version automatically.
  • Automatically PC Care and Boost :-  Cleans up and speeds up computers ultimately & automatically.
  • 24/7 Technical Support :- Anvisoft Technical Support Team supply help for issues related to Cloud System Booster.

The interface of this tool is quite nice and simple, you wont find any difficulty to use it, We will recommend this tool to every one who wants to boost the speed of there pc.

Rating :- 4/5


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