Flash drives are one thing which all of you might have in your bag or pocket as they are very handy and useful. Nowadays you can get USB drives ranging between 2GB to 256GB or even more. Many times we have to share files placed on our phone with someone else, in that case you can transfer files either by supplied USB cable but some of you might not carry cable all the times, another way is to use Bluetooth but its slow, what if you have a Dual Flash drive which you can connect to your phone -> transfer files and then directly connect to your PC.

Design :-

ADATA UC330 32GB Dual Flash Drive is a simple to use and light weight dual flash drive, at one side you have regular USB drive slot and at the other side you have Micro USB slot, it just weight 3.6 grams and comes with a black end cap fitted with a strap hole so you can easily carry the flash drive on a lanyard, keychain or neck strap, its cap fits on either side of its dual-headed USB.


ADATA UC330 has a silver zinc body, which is nice as all other flash drive which we have seen comes with plastic body, but has  ADATA UC330 has silver zinc body, it makes it more durable. It has a special chip-on-board (COB) process, resulting in high water and impact resistance.

Where its small size is its plus point, at the same times its easy to forgt if you are busy in something else, there is no led light for notifications on ADATA UC330. You can easily mount this drive on your Android phone or tablet transfer files from it or you can stream media from ADATA UC330 as well.

ADATA UC330-Dual-Flash-Drive

Performance :-

We had used ADATA UC330 for almost a month and when it comes to performance it do perform very well, however it has USB 2.0 port which means speed is limited, it would be nice if it has USB 3.0.

In our test it do managed to achieve speed of 30 MBPS which is nice speed for streaming media from it on your phone or tablet, but when it comes to write speed it dropped to 15 MBPS, both tests were made on PC.


On mobile phone we have seen that when it comes to moving big files, it do take times, in our test we moved a full movie of 1.5GB and it was moved at the speed of 15 MBPS, that’s why I prefer USB 3.0. However its also a decent speed and you can easily stream media on your device.

Final Words :-

ADATA UC330 seems to be a nice device which comes with nice design. ADATA UC330 comes in 4 variants, 8GB/16GB / 32GB / 64GB, we have got 32GB variant for test which is available at the price tag of around Rs. 1400 which a bit costly if we compare it with other devices available in market.

Before buying this you should check whether your device support USB OTG or not, however almost all android devices support it and if your device does not support you can enable it by rooting your device.

What We liked on this device :-

  • Design
  • Built quality
  • Extra cap
  • Lifetime warranty

What we didnt likec:-

  • Costly
  • USB 2.0


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