The Opera team has released the new and first RC version of Opera 10.60,


  • Cross-platform
  • CORE-30228 (Crash at
  • CORE-30034 (Web Storage crash)
  • CORE-30764 (Freeze at
  • CORE-30464 (Canvas 2D context’s font attribute crashes the browser)
  • DSK-303725 (Disabling Speed Dial search provider is not remembered)
  • DSK-303163 (Plugin related crash)
  • DSK-302725 (A document served with incorrect MIME breaks multistyle/font switch-writing system)


  • DSK-197656 (Middle-click in empty window doesn’t go to URL on clipboard)
  • DSK-300238 (Files with non-ascii characters in path don’t open when Opera is already running)
  • DSK-304033 (Improve selection of default CJK fonts)
  • DSK-304037 (Opera Unix does not run with newest GTK version)

Windows MSI / Windows Classic
Macintosh (Universal) / Macintosh (Intel-only)