Apple released iPad 2 with a new and nice, Mirror feature allows to connect your iPad to TV or big screen see your running apps on it.

This feature is very helpful for teaching and in business where you can share anything running on you iPad with huge number of audience.

But if you want to use this feature on your iPad 1 then you need to teak a little with your device,And its procedure is here :-

Requirements :-

  • Jailbreak iPad running iOS 4.3.1,
  • Mac OS X,

Steps :-

  • First download and install OpenSSH from Cydia to your iPad,
  • Download Cyberduck into your Mac OS X,
  • Using SSH and Cyberbuck navigate to in your iPad :-


  • Download K48AP.plist file to your Mac OS X,
  • Now add following string to it

display-mirroring boolean YES

  • Now save it and upload it back to your iPad in same location,
  • Now just reboot your iPad and your are done.


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