Google Chrome

Google tem has updated stable version of its browser, Google Chrome 15.0.874.102 and made it public and released for Windows, Mac, and Linux, This contains some really great improvements including a new New Tab page.


There are following security fixes :-

  • URL bar spoof in history handling.
  • URL bar spoof with drag+drop of URLs.
  • Avoid stripping whitespace at the end of download filenames.
  • XSS in appcache internals page.
  • Race condition in worker process initialization.
  • Avoid redirect to chrome scheme URIs.
  • Don’t permit as a HTTP header delimiter.
  • Cross-origin policy violations.
  • Use-after-free in media buffer handling.
  • Use-after-free in counter handling.
  • Timing issues in DOM traversal.
  • Stale style bugs leading to use-after-free.
  • Out of bounds writes in v8.
  • Cookie theft with javascript URIs.
  • Use-after-free with plug-in and editing.
  • Heap overflow in Web Audio.
  • Use-after-free in video source handling.
  • Exposure of internal v8 functions.

Download (Online Version)

Download (Offline Version)


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