After so much of rumors and expectation, Today WhatsApp Inc has finally made WhatsApp available for PC or Mac. Today WhatsApp is one of the biggest IM clients which is used by billions of users across the world but till now it is only available for mobile devices which covers Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S60, BlackBerry and BB10 and iOS users. There was a demand from users to bring WhatsApp to PC and Mac so that they can continue their conversation without taking their device from their pocket.

Today WhatsApps Inc has announced that WhatsApp can now be used on PC or Mac but it do have some limitations at this point of time, like :-

  • You required to use Google Chrome, as it will work on it only with it, however we also tried with IE and Mozilla Firefox but page ask you to install Chrome, but we tested it on Opera also and it seems to work, it might be due to the same rendering engines (WebKit) used by both
  • It wont work with iOS due to some limitation imposed by Apple

If you have Google Chrome or Opera web browser and a non iOS device then you are ready to go, first launch your WhatsApp on your device and check whether you are getting WhatsApp Web option or not, see screenshot below :-

WhatsApp Web Option

If you are getting this then you are running the latest version of WhatsApp and you can proceed ahead, but if you are among the most of the users who are not getting this option then visit your app store and check if there is any update pending, if yes then update WhatsApp or if there is no update then you can manually download and install latest version of WhatsApp app from WhatsApp itself, for this you need to visit

Now all you need to do is visit from your PC or Mac and it will give you a QR code, on mobile select that WhatsApp Web option and it will open a scanner, just scan that QR code with your mobile and once app verifies you, it will automatically open your WhatsApp profile on web.

The interface is quite simple and you will find all your contacts lined on the left side of the screen, and you will find all emoticons, you can also send videos and images to your friends.

You have to keep in mind that web client works in sync with your mobile, which means you have to ensure that you have activate mobile data or your device is connected with WiFi to get it work.

Final Words :-

At this time this web based WhatsApp is not a native app and depends on your mobile device, but nevertheless its a good start for company and users who demands for web based WhatsApp.


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