Windows 7 have a very nice and much different progress dialog box, It is very similar to vista one which has nice AVIs. We can get the similar one in xp by manual method there are some transformation pack from which you can get the similar one but as you all know i hate 3rd party softwares because they slow down your machine. See the below screen shot because you gonna get like this after this trick.

Isnt it nice? So follow these steps to get this:-

  • First Download AVIs, a BITMAP, and a Code.txt file from HERE
  • In the downloaded rar file, unrar it, you will get 3 AVIs, 1 BITMAP. and a CODE.txt file
  • Open “%windirSystem32Shell32.dll” file in Resource Hacker (Resource Hacker Can be found in RECOMMENDED section)
  • Now navigate to Dialog -> 1020 -> 1033
  • Now you have to replace the existing code in right-side pane with the code present in downloaded text file
  • Now press COMPILE SCRIPT button
  • Now add the downloaded BITMAP for this:-
  1. click on Action -> Add a new resource and then click on Open file with new resource
  2. Select the downloaded BMP file and click on Open. Now in Resource Name enter 404 and in Resource Language enter 1033 and click on Add Resource. its done
  • Now we have to add AVIs in it for this:-
  2. Select the downloaded Avi 160
  3. Then in Resource type write AVI, in Resource Name write 160, In Resource language write 1033,

Just replace other Avi’s in the same manner in the following way:- AVI -> 161 ->1033 with 161.avi AVI -> 162 ->1033 with 162.avi AVI -> 163 ->1033 with 162.avi AVI -> 164 ->1033 with 162.avi That’s it Restart your computer and check it. If you have any problem then please let me know.