Most of us loving the Cloud technology in which we don’t have to install anything on our computer everything is based on cloud or internet.

Google is also an cloud based technology, its one of the best alternative for MS Office, its free and easy to use, it also allows you to share any document with your friends who can edit them too.

But the problem is that you have to continuously look at the document to see the changes were made by your friend or not, WatchDoc is an nice extension for Google Chrome which notifies you whenever any kind of changed were made on your shared document.

After installing it sits on your toolbar, just next to your address bar and it will notify you how many modifications were made on your shared documents, it should be noted that it will sow the number of changes made not how many documents were modified.


When you click on its icon it will show who had made changes in which document, its an nice extension which will save lots of your time and effort.

Install WatchDoc


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