[How To] Change Windows 8 Metro Weather App To Celsius From Fahrenheit

If you are one of the early adopter of tester who are testing Windows 8 Developers Preview on your machine then you might be using Metro Weather App which is present on Start Screen.

But by default it shows the weather information in Fahrenheit which is popular in U.S. and some other countries but in many countries people love to use Celsius for measuring temperature.

Windows 8 Weather Report

If you are one of them and wanna get your weather information in Celsius then follow following steps :-

  • Load your Metro Weather App and then put your mouse at the extreme bottom-left corner so that Start Menu comes, click on Setting,


  • Now on the right side you will Weather Setting Pane, click on Weather Preferences,


  • Now on the next screen select Celsius and that’s it


  • Now you will see weather information in Celsius