Cloud storage will be future of your storage, But when it comes to choosing a service provider which will keep your media more secure and well then you have many choices but all of them charges a handsome money.

Amazon is providing 5 GB of online space free of cost for storage and file sharing, you can not only store your music files here but you can upload all major formats supported by web.

After uploading you can access these files from anywhere in the world.The process is very simple, the only client supported by Amazon is your web browser.

You can upload single file or you can zip them and upload them to it.

When you purchase songs or albums from the Amazon MP3 Store, you can now save your purchases to your Cloud Drive. All your purchases are backed up and available for you to download at any time. Even better, you can listen to your music from any web-connected computer with Amazon Cloud Player.

If you want more space them you may upgrade yourself and get a plan of 20 GB for $20/year or 50 GB for $50/year.

If you still lacks space then you may use $1000 for every terabyte, its quite worthy.Or take a look at plan below :-


And yes if you buy any music album from Amazon then your account will be upgraded to 20GB, its nice because there are some albums which you can find for just $1 but the one problem with them is that they only ship the on US address.