Gmail is one of the most used email service from Google. Google has launched this service back in April 1 2004, but at that time it was only invitation based and one need to get invitation from existing Gmail user to join it.

On February 7, 2007 Google made it public and any one could visit it and make account on it, but service was still in Beta phase at that time but on July 7, 2009 Google upgraded it from Beta.

As you know there are lots of news about account being compromised of different services like LinkedIn, Yahoo and many more. If you Gmail account got hacked and you were unable to get it back from secret question then you need to fill a form provided by Google in which you need to define your Account Creation date.

Well Account creation date can be useful in many other cases too, You can get your account creation date by looking at your first Gmail email but chances are that you had deleted it.

Now here is another way, Google has allowed users to migrate its data from one account to another using migration tool and this let you know your account creation date. So if you wanna know your Gmail account creation date then first visit Google Takeout and login using your Google Account.


Now here click on Transfer your Google+ connections to another account, it will open a new page and at that page you will see when your Gmail account was created.


This trick works with Google Apps too. Thanks to Nirmal for sharing this….


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