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Gmail Android App Update Will Allows To Save Attachments To Google Drive

Google today has announced it will be bringing “Save To Drive” option to its Android app in the coming days. This feature is already available on web version of Gmail which enables users to save attachment on their Google Drive account. Apart from this, now Google will give a brief explanation at the top of

Get SMS Alert For Important Mails With This Google Script

Many times we are waiting for an important mail and for that we keep checking our mailbox, but if you are on the go then it might not be possible for you to keep checking mail. Or in another scenario you might want to get notified whenever your boss send a mail to you. If

Google Update Gmail Quick Action Buttons For YouTube And Dropbox

Google is always known for making your life easy, now Google has added new options to quick action buttons in Gmail which lets you do certain things without opening mails. Now Google has added buttons for YouTube and DropBox which means if you get a mail which has Dropbox link then you can open that

Better Way To Insert Inline Images In Gmail With Iframely

If you use Gmail then you might know that Gmail allows you to preview images or videos from some websites like YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp. What this means is that if you insert a YouTube video URL in Gmail and sends it to your friend then he or she can watch that video without

Get Old Gmail Compose Interface

Sometime ago Gmail team has made lots of change in Gmail’s UI, they had introduced Hangouts in place of Chats, introduced tab and much more. One of the change was new Gmail compose box in which when you click on Compose button you will be served with a minimal small pop-up box at side in

[How To] Revert Back To Old Gmail Chat

Recently Google has announced that they are going to introduce their Google+ hangout in Gmail too. Google has announced new hangout app for iOS and Android along with new extension for Chrome. If you recently login to your Gmail account then you had found that Google has updated your chat to Hangout, if you are

Find Your Gmail Usage With Gmail Meter

If you use Gmail regularly then here is nice script which allows you to find how much you use your Gmail Account.

Pause Incoming Mails To Your Inbox

If you want to pause or stop incoming mails from your inbox for some time then here is a simple to use browser extension.

Find Out Your Gmail Account Creation Date

Many times we need to find the date when we had created our Gmail account, it might be due to security reason or might be just for fun.

Save Gmail Attachments To Google Drive [Google Chrome]

If you wanna save your Google mail Attachment's directly to your Google Drive account with just one click then you can use a Google Chrome Attchment.