Today Reliance has confirmed that they are going to launch both of the latest iPhones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in India with 2 year contract just like we see in USA or European countries, and Reliance is offering it without any down payment.


As we know, later today Apple is going to launch iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in India at Rs 41,900 and Rs 53,500 respectively, but its not likely to burn the market that’s why Reliance has come up with this plan.

You can get 16GB variants of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S without any down payment on Rs 2,599 and Rs 2,999 per month plan for  2 year. However 32GB and 64GB versions will need down payment and would attract Rs.10,000 and Rs.18,000 respectively with monthly payment being the same.

The biggest deal however is that under this plan you will get unlimited 3G data plan with no FUP and unlimited voice calls across the country which unless you make international calls or goes to international roaming there will be no extra charges.

Reliance has tied up with some leading credit card issuers so that if user unlocks the iPhone and uses it on a different carrier Reliance will get monthly revenue without any issue.


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