A fresh new year is just started and on this brand new year you may probably able to see new technologies which may hit market this year.

2011 can be historical year in Tech world,Here I am going to tell you top 4 technologies which will hit market in 2011 and change your way of doing work.


As Apple has already started the war of Tablet PC’s by launching iPad last year and then Samsung also launched its Samsung Tab, if you thinking battle is on then wait a minute battle is just started as many major players are thinking of launching their tab’s,

Apple is all set to launch nest version of iPad, iPad 2 may be in Feb Or March, RIM (Research In Motion) is also going to its new tablet BlackBerry Playbook might in 2-3 months.

Motorola has also some plans to launch tablet PC.Dell has its plan too.

So its clear in the coming time you will be able to see the War of Tablets.


iPhone and Android are gaining popularity day by day,In a survey it is seen that Android is increasing its share in USA,which provide a challenge for Nokia to hold its market.

As we had already told you about the MeeGo, let me remind you a little,

MeeGo is an joint project of Nokia and Intel,they are building a OS for handheld devices,It an Linux based OS and open source too.

It is very possible that you may see some nice devices powered by MeeGo.

You can get full information regarding MeeGo from HERE.

USB 3.0

USB’s are the most convenient way of transferring data,If you wanna share some large data with your friends then you must use USB drives.

You can keep your photos, documents, music’s, movies etc in it and can carry it with you wherever you go.

At present we are using USB 2.0 which gives you a speed of upto 60 MBPS but after the introduction of USB 3.0 you will find USB 2.0 as much slower and out dated because in USB 3.0 you will get the speed of around 400 MBPS.

Isn’t it sound good??

Flash drives powered by USB 3.0 may hit market in second half of 2011.

Chrome OS

Well it seems that Microsoft soon get a new rival in OS world,Google has almost done with its Chrome OS which is expected to be here in Q2 or Q3.

Chrome OS are made for netbooks as nowadays we almost do our work on clouds, means we use internet for doing our work like you can use Google Docs to make or read any documents and you can also read newspaper online, listen music’s etc.