Recently when Moto G was launched in India I try to get one for me as soon as possible but as it went out of stock within an hour i decided to ask my bro to bring one for me who was travelling to India from USA. When i got my Moto G i was super curious to test it ans use it but within few hours i noticed that my Notification LED light was not working at all.

Notification LED light notify you whenever you get any new message on Twitter, Facebook, miss call, get text message and so on. As its not working i have to look my device if there is something new for me. I search web and found that I am not alone who is facing this kind of issue, there are several other users who are having same issue with there Moto G.

As there is no setting in your phone through which you can turn off or on this LED light, so Motorola has launched a widget which lets you control this LED notification light.

Some of you wants to turn of this LED as it might be distracting you by keep blinking whenever you get any new notification, in that case this widget might be useful for you too.


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