Apple has launched its next generation iPhone 5, This iPhone comes with support for LTE network which is sometime also called 4G. It’s the fastest technology which can be used in mobile devices at this time. At the time of launch Apple has named many carriers across the world which will support 4G technology on iPhone.

Sadly non of India carrier can made to the chart of Apple, Many guys has emailed me and ask some question like, What it means?, Does iPhone 5 works in India?, AirTel has launched 4G in some part of India so can we use iPhone 5 there.

Well sadly I have to say that if you get iPhone 5 and bring it here in India and go to Kolkata and Bangalore where AirTel has launched 4G then also it wont work, but it doesn’t mean that you wont be able to use iPhone 5 in India, you can use it on 3G across the country.

Why iPhone 5 Wont Work on AirTel 4G Network?

AirTel is the only operator in India who is providing 4G in some parts of the country, But all operators who won license in BWA back in 2010 will operate in 2300 MHz band but iPhone 5 works on 700 MHz and 2100 MHz band which means iPhone 5 cant be used on 4G or LTE network here in India.

So I wont be able to use 4G here in India Ever

No, its not like that you wont be able to use iPhone 5 or even New iPad on 4G network here in India, Indian Government is planning to auction 4G license for both 700 MHz and 2100 MHz in first half of 2013. It’s a long time and probably you might see another iPhone as 4G hit India.

So if you are planning to buy iPhone 5 and bring here in India then don’t imagine that you will use it over LTE or 4G however you can use other features of it easily.


  1. So which Iphone 5 should you buy if you don’t have much love for 4G in India any case ? 
    I suggest go for the CDMA + GSM / Edge model out of all the 3 versions of the Iphone 5 which have been released. Reason ? This is the only one which will support the max 4G bands when atleast when you are travelling out of India 🙂 

  2. What’s the use even if iPhone 5 is compatible with Airtel 4G LTE. its terribly expensive and I wont pay tariff starting 999 INR per month for mobile internet!

    BTW i own a iPad 3 aka new iPad and i am quite happy with 3G speeds. Never ever missed 4G on my device.

    • Actually service providers has paid big amount at the auction of BWA, so they gonna get it charge it from users, and AirTel is the only player offering 4G, once other start offering 4G too price will come down but not too much so that u can use it on your phone.

    • See currently Apple is selling Locked version of iPhone 5, it means that you have to tie up with US carriers like AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, which means you cant use any other Nano SIM in it, this tie up is for 2 years.
      At this time i havnt got any news for unlocking iPhone 5, i suggest you not to buy locked version as if somehow you unlocked it then in future you will face problem, which i had seen in iPhone 4 case.
      If you wanna buy iPhone 5 then i will suggest you to bring it from Hong Kong as there apple sell unlocked version only.
      Read following post to knw more if you are Indian n looking to buy iPhone 5

      • Do your research! Currently Verizon and Sprint sell unlocked iPhone models with which you can use your phone without a contract at $649 and up. AT&T sells an unlockable model, provided you purchase the one without a two year contract. Also, recently, Apple started selling an unlocked version of the iPhone without having to go through any carrier.

    • Verizon iPhone 5 is unlocked in USA. You can pay the full amount 649$ + tax (16 GB) and use it on CDMA or GSM network in India. It will work fine at 3G speed in India

  3. Thanks for such valuable information Rahul. But one more questions I have in mind mind that is the iPhone will cost same $199 as the current price they have in US or it will cost more.

    • Check the carrier in Germany n see if they support same gsm bandwidth as Indian carrier , then , you can use


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