Apple has started shipping iPhone 5 where it has been launched, but users all around the world wants to get there hands on this news Apple product. Many Apple Fanboys in India too wants get it too but as Apple hasn’t revealed its plans to launch iPhone 5 here so no one knows when it will hit here, there were some rumors that it will be launched near Diwali.

At this time Apple has launched iPhone 5 in US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. If any of your friend is coming from these countries then you can ask them to bring it.

But in most of the countries Apple sell iPhone 5 in partnership with local carriers in contract mostly of 2 years. So if you buy phone in contract then you will get locked iPhone for 2 years. Apple start selling unlocked version in some time but when no one knows.

But Apple sell unlocked version of iPhone 5 in Australia, HonKong, Singapore and Canada, but if you compare prices in these countries then you will find that Hong Kong offers best price for your iPhone 5.

Ok I Will Buy iPhone 5 From Hong Kong, But Will It Work Here?

If somehow you manage to bring iPhone 5 from Hong Kong via  some friend or relative then also your iPhone 5 will not work here in India, Actually when you take iPhone 5 out of the box then you will need to activate it, and activation can be done via a SIM card only, as iPhone 5 uses Nano SIM which is not available in India at this time then how you gonna activate it?

So unless you got a Nano SIM you cant activate your iPhone 5, and without activation your iPhone 5 is like a box and nothing more.

I heard something about Hacktivation, Can we use it to activate iPhone 5?

Yes hacktivation is a technique which allows you to activate your iPhone without using or inserting any SIM card in it, but you can’t use this technique on iPhone 5.

For hacktivation you need following things :-

  • iPhone [I will get it, tell more],
  • Redsn0w, the jailbreaking tool for iOS devices, [I will download it, what else?],
  • Jailbreak firmware [huh? what is this?]

Yes to use hactivation you must be using a Jailbreak supported firmware, as far iPhone 5 run on iOS 6 and we haven’t got any news regarding successful jailbreak of it, so you cant use Hacktivation on iPhone 5.

So what should I do?

Currently you can just wait for 2 things :-

  • Nano SIM to be launched in India, Or
  • iPhone Dev Team to release iOS 6 Jailbreak for iPhone 5

If you find any of the above thing then you will be able to activate and use iPhone 5 in India, but keep in mind that if you use hactivation to activate then your iPhone will be just a iPod Touch as you cant make calls of it as it wont had any Nano SIM


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