Most of the time when we update our OS to the newer version it brings some enhancements and fixes bugs which were there in previous version, so these updates are recommended. But at the same time these updates brings UI changes and it become difficult for us to find some options.

In recent Windows 8.1 update I was not able to forget or delete a WiFi network with which I was connected once, this was easy job in Windows 8 as I can do the same just from a context menu.

If you too facing the same problem then here is its solution :-

  • Open command prompt by typing cmd in run command
  • Then type netsh wlan show profiles in it to get list of all WiFi profiles with which you were once connected


  • Now to delete any profile type netsh wlan delete profile name=profile_name


  • That’s it, now when you in range of same network next time it will show as unidentified network


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