Creating animation is not an easy task, and if you want to create animation from your existing images then trust me you wont find it too easy. Earlier we had shared a freeware tool AnimateGif which lets you create animation.

If you wants to create animation which more control then you have GiftedMotion, its too a freeware tool which is very simple to use, it’s a portable app all you need to do is download and run .jar file(you must need to have Java installed).


When you launch this app you will find an easy to use interface, all you need to do is import images and then reorder them in which sequence you want them to appear in animation. You can also set the animation time.

Once you are done with setting just save animation and you will be served with .Gif file within seconds.

Features ;-

    • Platform independent, runs on every OS.
    • GPL software, no licensing costs.
    • KISS approach. No steep learning curve.
    • No installation required.
    • Supports the following input formats: PNG, JPG / JPEG, BMP and GIF.
    • Easy to adjust position of images within frames and size of the resulting image.
    • Preview function.
    • Able to edit existing images

Closing Words On GiftedMotion :-

GiftedMotion is a nice app which is easy to use and doesn’t require any installation at you side, but it do requires you to install Java. UI of this app seems to be outdated, developers can introduce modern UI like of Metro one.



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