As you know Microsoft upcoming OS Windows 8 is coming very soon, it comes with lots of new features and one of the feature is Start Screen.

As Microsoft has introduced live tiles in Windows Phone 7 concept they had continued it on Windows 8, on Start Screen you will find live tiles too.

Now if you want to enjoy that same screen on your Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you can use Windows 8 Start Screen Full created by dncube at DA.

You can easily scroll from left to right to navigate between different tiles, you can find lots of tiles which comes by default in it.


Features :-

  • Socialite Tile for Facebook
  • Tweet@rama for Twitter
  • News Tile
  • Weather Tile
  • Picstream Flickr Tile
  • Gmail Tile
  • Paintplay
  • Inkpad,
  • Piano,
  • NearMe,
  • Browser tile,
  • Notespace Tile,
  • Various Shortcut tiles which can be configured
  • Angry Birds Game,
  • Fruit Ninja Game

This simple tool takes very less of your CPU memory and the size of this app is also very small, its just of 12 MB.

Note :- Create A System Restore Point, so that if later anything went wrong then you can easily roll back to stable position.



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