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Linux Cursor Set For Windows Users,With Just One Click Install

Few days ago we share a Mac Os Cursor Set For Windows, Which gets lots of hits so we are here with another cursor set.If you are Linux lover and like...

Windows 8 Login Screen For Windows XP

Windows XP has become out dated but still many people around the globe don’t wanna update themselves to Windows Vista or Windows 7. Few days back we had told you that Windows...

Mac Os Cursor Set For Windows Users With one Click Install

As a couple of days ago i share a MAC OS TRANSFORMATION FOR WINDOWS 7, now am going to share Mac Os Cursor set with all of you. If want to...

Drag And Drop Files Or Folder To Command Line To Get Full Path

Yesterday night I was installing some patches and apps on my machine, in one step I was required to navigate to a certain folder via command line, typing full path of...

Get Windows 7 like Progress Dialog Box In Xp

Windows 7 have a very nice and much different progress dialog box, It is very similar to vista one which has nice AVIs. We can get the similar one in xp...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Like Boot Screen In Windows XP

Get Windows 8 Consumer Preview like Betta Fish Boot Screen in your Windows XP (TuneUp Utilities Required)

Windows Boot Screen Collection, Boot Screen Of Windows 1.0 To Windows 7

Yesterday I had told you about the History Of Windows, How 25 year ago Windows started its journey and what changes Microsoft made in it. Now its time to show you a...

Get Windows 7 Calculator In Windows Xp

As we all knows Windows 7 comes with many new and redesigned things and on of them is calculator which has new GUI and new options.   "grdcityboy"...

How To Remove/Reset/Recover Your BIOS Password

Note :- This trick is only for learning purpose and for advance users.If your are basic user and do not have much knowledge about the computer hardware then DON'T TRY THIS.We'll...

Angry Birds Boot Screen For Windows XP

We had covered lots of articles on Angry Birds, and lots of visitors has liked them, but most of them are for Windows 7, if you are a Angry Birds fan...