Saturday, January 23, 2021

[How To] Make Windows To Select Wired Connection Instead Of Wireless

Suppose you are using a Wireless connection but speed is not good on your laptop, then you plugins your wired network so that speed will increase and you can work faster. But...

[How To] Boost your WiFi Router Signal

Creating a Wireless network around your home is pretty simple, just plugin any WiFi router with your modem and you are ready to go. You can get wireless router starting from...

[How To] Enable Developer Mode In Android 4.2

Android 4.2 is the most advance and smooth Android OS till now, one thing which Google has hided from developer is Developer Mode in Android 4.2. On many occasions we want...

3 Waterproof Smartphones

Nowadays we all move with at least a smartphone in our pocket, sometime it might be 2 or more. But have you ever think what happen if you were drained by...

[How To] Move To WordPress.Com From Posterous

Posterous is one of the simplest blogging platform out there on the internet. Its quite popular tool too but last year it has been acquired by Twitter and recently they had...

Change Installation Location Of Windows 8 Metro Apps

If you are running out of space on C drive then here is a working around to change Metro Apps directory.

[Solved] Windows Live Writer Gives “Cannot Access Disposed Object” Error On Startup

If your Windows Live writer fails to start and throwing you an error then here is a simple solution to fix it.

[How To] Enable Windows Store In Windows To Go

By default Windows Store is not enabled if you are using Windows To Go feature on your Windows 8, here is a workaround.

[Solve] Unable To Boot Due To Virus Infection

Many times we are unable to boot our computer due to virus infection, in that case you can remove virus using this simple method.

Check How Much Space Is Used By Different App In Windows 8

If you are running out of space on Windows 8 machine then most chances are that you had installed apps and they are taking space, here is the way to know which app is taking how much space.


Meizu M2 Note With Octa Core SoC And Physical Button Announced

Last month Meizu entered into Indian smartphone market by announcing Meizu M1 Note, and within just few weeks company has launched its upgraded version...