Saturday, January 19, 2019

Turn Off User Account Control (UAC) For A Specific Program In Windows Vista And...

If you are using Windows Vista Or Windows 7 then you must be well aware of User Account Control (UAC). If you wanna disable it for a specific application which...

How To Find Service Pack Is Installed In Windows 7 Or Not

Microsoft has released SP1 for Windows 7 month or so back, but many few of the users had downloaded it via direct link and rest had leaved the job on Windows...

How To Revert Back To Hotmail Interface

If you are not liking the new UI of and wanna switch back to Hotmail UI then you can do this very easily.

Rebuild Icon Cache In Windows 7 And Windows 8

You might have heard about Icon Cache database in Windows, actually this database keeps cache copies of each and every icon and when Windows need to draw an icon it uses...

[How To] Enable Hibernate Option Even After Enabling From Command Prompt Not Working

Hibernate is an nice option in windows, it allows you to save work and resume it from where you had left, but its not enbaled by default and even you try to enable from command prompt it wont come up, here is a small trick to enable it.

Stop Your Google Apps Mails Rejected As Spam

Many times your Google Apps mails might lands in SPAM folders of the recipients mail box, To avoid this you can add SPF records to your domain.

[Solved] Unable To Change Windows 7 Logon Screen

If you had installed TuneUp Utilities on your Computer and used it to customize your Logon Screen then it will Disable other program, Here is a quick way to get rid of this problem.

How To Use Google Web Fonts On Your Computer

Now you can download Google Web fonts and then install them on your Computer so that you can use them on MS Office or such like programs.

Change Or Edit Windows 7 Boot Screen Using “Windows 7 Boot Updater”

This Tool is only for Experienced users not for basic Or new users.This trick may harm your computer. By applying this trick you agree that if any thing happened with you or...

Make Text Visible On Any Color Background

If you are adding a caption on your image or on your video then you have to select text color very wisely so that it can be readable and don’t get...


Now Twitter Allows HTTPS Connection By Default

We had already told you that HTTPS connection is more secured, and we had also told you how to activate it on Gmail and...