Router_And_ModemCreating a Wireless network around your home is pretty simple, just plugin any WiFi router with your modem and you are ready to go. You can get wireless router starting from $20.

But suppose you had attached your router in one corner of your house then you might not get proper signal at other end of your house in your device. Here are some tweaks which you can adopt to boost your Wi-Fi signals around your house and get better signal.

#1 Placement of your Router

Placement of your router plays a very important role in boosting your WiFi signals, if you had placed router in one corner of your house than probably you wont get signal at other end of your house.

So try to put your router at some height and as much as center of the house. Being  at center allows you router to send signals equally in all direction.

Another thing is avoid placing router near wall, grill window and mirror as then might weaken your signals.

#2 Install Custom Firmware for your Router from DD-WRT

You can install DD-WRT firmware for your router, this will surely increase your WiFi range upto few meters. If you cant find custom firmware for your router on DD-WRT then try on Tomato firmware.

#3 Boost Signal using Aluminum Foil

You might think it as joke but trust it will boost signal, just walk into your mom’s kitchen and grab some Aluminum Foil which she might be using to wrap sandwich’s for you and make some curve on it and place it around your router’s antenna.

See below video :-

#4 Place Router Away from These :-

Try to place your router away from these devices :-

  • Cordless phones,
  • Microwaves,
  • Power cords, and
  • Computer wires

#5 Place your Router at top floor :-

If you are living in multi-story building and using WiFi to get signals around all floors then try to place router in top floor as radio waves best travel’s from top to bottom.


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