Nowadays smartphone companies are launching smartphone every day, which means you have a new choice everyday, its nice to use a new device as it comes with new features and specs. But at the same time there is an issue, and its to transfer data from your old device to other. Yes we know you can easily copy your images, videos and music files as they might be on your SD card and you can easily put your SD card in new device, even if they are on your internal storage then also you can use USB to copy that data from your old device to a new one.

Backup & Restore SMS Call Logs Android

But issue came when you need to copy SMS and call logs from old device to new, if you too facing this issue then here is a simple way to do this, and another good thing is that we are not going to root device, which means it can be used on any Android device.


To do this, here we going to use a free app, CM Backup, its an free and available on Google Play store, so go and grab this app and install it on your old device. On launch it will ask you to sign up using either Google Account or Facebook Account, just do it.

You will get 5GB of free storage once you create account, you can always get more space by doing certain tasks within the app, but for our work which is backup of SMS and call logs, its more then enough, but if you want to backup your images as well then you might need to consider it.

CM Backup Main Screen

On its home screen, you will see a button which says Backup, first check the options which you want to backup like SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Images and so on, we will stick with SMS and Call Logs, once you are ready, just press that BackUp button and with minutes it will backup all your SMS and Call Logs to the cloud.

To check, just tap on Gear icon on top-left and tap on My Cloud, there you will see how many SMS, Call Logs or Contact are there on cloud.


To restore, again install CM Backup on your new device and login with the same account which you had used on old device, once you did tap on gear icon on top left side and tap on My Cloud, it might take couple of minutes to fetch the list of SMS, Call Logs and others so give couple of time to it to fetch.

CM Backup Options

Once it shows the number of SMS and Calls logs, tap on Restore, on next screen it will ask you to confirm the items which needs to be restore, here we will select Call Logs and SMS once, one thing to note here is that if you select SMS then it will prompt a message to you, just click OK on and then while restoring again another message will come up, again click on OK.That’s it, you are done and all you messages and call logs are restored, enjoy.

CM Backup Restore

There is a cool option, which is Schedules Backup, in which it will automatically backup your data on cloud without anything needed from your side.



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