Friday, January 22, 2021

How To Read All Quora Answers Without Signin

Quora is one of the most popular question and answer website out there, you will find lots of discussion on it, but one of the downside of using Quora is that...

22 Shortcuts For Hotmail Users

Almost all of us own a Hotmail Id,But sometime using it is a bit time consuming.But if you use following Shortcuts you will save your lots of time:- These shortcuts are tested...

How To Disable Auto Save Contacts In Gmail

No doubt that Gmail is one of the most used Email service of the world, It provides many services which attracts users. But Gmail has a very annoying feature, at least for...

Codec Pack For Windows 8

Codec packs are required to play some popular formats on your media player, here is a Codec pack which supports Windows 8

Find All Programs Currently Connected To Internet

Let me ask you simple thing, How many times it happens that you are just checking your mails and still find that your internet connection is working so slow. Actually there are...

Disable Store Application On Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with Windows Store through which you can download and install nice apps for your system, but there are some cases when you dont want to access store and wanna disable it.
Backup & Restore SMS Call Logs Android

Back Up And Restore SMS, Contact, Call Logs And Photos On Android

Nowadays smartphone companies are launching smartphone every day, which means you have a new choice everyday, its nice to use a new device as it comes with new features and specs....

Import Your Google Contact To Outlook

Most of us use MS Outlook to fetch our web email to our desktop and we can be updated with our emails without opening web browser. Outlook can easily fetch your emails...

How To Disable PROTECTED View In MS Outlook 2010

If you use MS Outlook for fetching your emails then you must know that if you had received any documents like Word or Excel file then it will be...

[How To] Disable/ Enable Admin Toolbar In WordPress 3.1+

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform and using 3.1+ version of it then you must had notice a Admin Toolbar on your website while viewing...


iPhone 5C Photo Leak By Pegatron employee

Earlier there were reports that iPhone 5C is in production in Pegatron factory and now today an employee of company has posted a photos...