No doubt YouTube is the biggest platform where you will find millions of videos available to watch, it is the second largest search engine after Google itself, it allows anyone to upload their videos to it so and then it will be available to billions of users. If you are a creator and you have some videos then you must be using YouTube to share your work with the world, and if you are getting enough views on your uploaded videos then you can make some good money out of those views as YouTube allows you to monetize your videos.

YouTube SEO Tips

But as thousands of videos are getting uploaded every minute it’s very hard for most of you to rank your video and get views on it. Just like we have some SEO tips for Google so that your website can rank better, we do have SEO tips for YouTube as well which lets you rank your video in a better way and get a good number of views.

#1 Title Of Your Video

Just like the title of any page, the title of your video is one of the most important things which you need to consider. Your title should be something like when someone read your title, he gets the idea what your video is about. To generate a good title, you can take help of search engine auto-complete feature.

#2 Description Of Your Video

Just like any other search engine, YouTube search engine also can’t see your video and to understand your video content, to help YouTube search know what your video has got, try to write a description of 2-3 lines, you can include rich and long keywords in your description, but make sure these keywords are relevant to your videos.

Description not only helps search engine to understand your video but it is also going to help viewers get an idea of your video and understand what it has got for them.

#3 Raw File Name

The raw file is the file which you are going to upload on YouTube, make sure you rename your video in correct manner before you upload it, like if you have recorded a video and it has the name like mp978363.mp4, make sure you rename it to a correctly like Best YouTube Tips.mp4.

Having a video name similar to your title will help you to rank better in SEO and give good SEO score to your video. Make sure you include your focus keyword in your video’s name.

#4 Closed Caption

Closed Caption or CC is yet another way to get your videos index quickly and get rank better in the result. CC is a feature which you can use for translation and narration of your videos, it shows text over your videos which helps your viewers to understand your video.

Latest YouTube algorithm allows you to convert your voice into text and generate CC automatically, you can also write CC by your own and upload it to YouTube. Words used in the closed caption are indexed by search engine and keyword on those CC can rank your videos better.

#5 Thumbnails

Whenever you upload your video to YouTube, it generates three thumbnails for your video, you can set anyone of them as your thumbnail and it will be shown to viewers, but instead of setting pre-generated images as your thumbnail, it’s better you work a little and create your own thumbnail and upload it to the YouTube.

Also, make sure you upload HD quality thumbnail else if you upload a low-resolution thumbnail then users are going to perceive that image is of low quality and they might skip it.

#6 Tags

Just like webpage’s in which you insert keywords to make it more SEO friendly and allow the search engine to look into your page in the better way, you can do the same thing with your YouTube video. Make sure you insert your focus keyword first.

You can take help of some online tools like Google Keyword Planner or Google Display Planner tool to generate keywords for your videos. Always keep in mind, its good to use keyword but don’t put lots of keyword, your video might be taken as spam.