Windows is already leaked and many people around the globe has downloaded it and they are tweaking with the system files so that they can change the look or UI.

That’s why today morning when I was checking mails I got a mail which says :-

Hello Rahul Sir,

I am following your all blogs from a long time and your guide are awesome.

At this time I need your help,

I recently downloaded Windows 8 leaked copy from torrent, I know you never support leak ones but I could not help myself from testing this new OS.

I am trying to edit/delete/replace some system files in Windows 8 but I wont be able to edit them as they are protected by system,so could you help me plz.

Well this issue occurs when you don’t have permission or ownership to edit/replace/delete files, so in order to do it you need to Take ownership of files.

The process is very simple just download the below zip file and then extract it and install the registry entry into your system and that’s it.

Download Registry File


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